Tuesday, January 6, 2009

politics just the edge of the same coin

I have begun to feel that it is not just that religion and sex are opposite sides of the same coin, but that politics is the edge of the coin. Orthagonal to the other dimension, but ultimately part of the same thing. Underneath all the political rhetoric is differences in how people view sex and religion. Isn't that so? Even interracial politics seem to have that origin, since many people find people of the other race either more or less sexually attractive, which colours their opinion of the whole race, so to speak. And many people of different races treat their religious activity quite differently, resulting probably from a long history of different religious practices, hundreds of years old. So sex, religion and politics may be parts of the same coin. If it were not so, interracial mixing should have blended the races long ago, while all three of these should seem more independent of one another. But they are not independent. Election returns, personality profiles and religious polls all show correlations between these things. I don't like this. We would be better off if there was less correlation, that is to say if people made up their own minds more often. That should be taught in schools, which it won't be as long as people ignore these correlations.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

more about this blog

I want discussions of sex, politics and religion, the "sensitive" topics that I was told never discuss in polite conversation. What other topics matter as much as these? Well, technology does. See my Technological Fantasies blog on this site for that subject. Death matters. I don't believe death needs to be final. See my Practical Immortality blog on this site for more information. Here are links, for easy access. Please see these blogs:

FindCompatibles devoted to matching people with friends, lovers, jobs, places to live and so on, but doing so in ways that will actually work, using good math, good algorithms, good analysis.

Technological Fantasies devoted to future stuff, new ideas, things that might be invented or might happen, such as what is listed above and below.

Practical Immortality yes, practical immortality. Don't write this off as
insanity, please. See the first entry in the blog first.

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Never talk about ...

My parents advised me of something I have heard elsewhere: in polite conversation never mention sex, politics, or religion. Well, this blog is all about sex, politics and religion. By sex I do not mean simply the various forms of sexual activity, but sexual relationships including marriage. Thus said, I will just briefly mention that sex, politics and religion are all what I call Social Technology, a term I used on the Internet before anyone else did. But never mind that for now. Fundamentally I am in favour of sex and opposed to politics and religion. But that is a bit naive. Politics exists, and attempts to do away with it are themselves political. Religion exists and attempts to do away with it are themselves religious.

Sex exists too, but seems easier to get rid of, at least in the media. In the 1950s sex was just never mentioned or shown in any way on network television. Popular literature was almost as repressed.

When it comes to sex I often focus on the word "penetration". On network TV today we see bullets penetrating people, something profoundly unnatural and quite shocking, but when do we ever see the most natural and essential act of all, the penetration of a penis into a vagina. Never. Not on network TV, hardly ever on cable channels even porn channels.
Penetration, penile peneteration. I am not saying it should be shown, though why not? I just want to know about the double standard. Why do we get to see bullets entering people, deadly penetration, on most channels a vast amount of the time.

Politics. Well, Kropotkin, for me, but he was naive about mutual aid. For people to work together they should be compatible, something not to be taken for granted. See my FindCompatibles blog on this site.

Religion. Well, in the Christian churches the words of St. Paul are accepted, and he emphasized the importance of not splitting the church into sects. I therefore insist that the church has not divided itself into sects, and all apparent divisions are fictions or political creations, having nothing to do with Christianity. This is not to advocate the church of Rome, of course. Other religions? I take the same view of them.


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